Global Engagement

ICRP is actively involved world-wide, engaging many organisations with an interest in radiological protection. Below is a selection of recent events in which ICRP was involved.

December 2018

ICRP Task Group 111 Factors Governing the Individual Response of Humans to Ionising Radiation meeting, Chiba and Hiroshima, Japan

ICRP-QST-RERF Workshop on Individual Response to Ionising Radiation: Current Scientific Evidence on Factors that Influence Individual Response, Tokyo, Japan

Fukushima Dialogue Meeting, Iwaki, Japan

Meeting with Chiyoda Technol Corporation President Kazuhiko Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting with Hitachi Radiation Monitoring Systems Sales Planning Group Manager Masaki Mizoguchi, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting with Japan Association of Radiological Technologists President Yasuo Nakazawa, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting with Japan Atomic Energy Agency Assistant Principal Engineer Yasuhiro Uezu, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting with Japan Radioisotope Association Senior Advisor Yoshiharu Yonekura, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting with Japanese College of Radiology President Masahiro Ida, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting with National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan

Meeting with ICRP Publications Translation Committee Secretary, Nuclear Safety Research Association, Sachiko Sakoda, Tokyo, Japan

Meeting with Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Hiroshima, Japan

November 2018

ICRP Committee 4 meeting, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

First UAE Radiation Protection Week, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

International Atomic Energy Agency Radiation Safety Standards Committee, Vienna, Austria

October 2018

ICRP Main Commission meeting, Stockholm, Sweden

Joint ICRP/ICRU meeting, Stockholm, Sweden

Meeting of Senior Representatives of Organisations in Formal Relations with ICRP, Stockholm, Sweden

ICRP Committee 3 meeting, Beijing, China

ICRP/ICRU Colloquium Celebrating 90 Years of Expertise – Radiological Protection in the Next Decade, Stockholm, Sweden

Joint American Nuclear Society / Health Physics Society meeting Applicability of Radiation Dose-Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards, Pasco, WA, USA

Canadian Federal-Provincial-Territorial Radiation Protection Committee meeting, Ottawa, Canada

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Radiation Protection Computer Code Analysis and Maintenance Program meeting, Ottawa, Canada

September 2018

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission & Canadian Radiation Protection Association Webinar on Lens of the Eye

Meeting with Japan Atomic Energy Agency Assistant Principal Engineer Yasuhiro Uezu, Ottawa, Canada