Work in Progress

Most of the work of ICRP, in particular the development of reports to be published in Annals of the ICRP, is done by Task Groups. Often, a Task Group is established to develop a single publication, although some develop multiple publications. On occasion, a Task Group is established for other purposes, such as to prepare advice to the ICRP Main Commission.

Browse through all active ICRP Task Groups listed below.

Task Group 36
Radiation Dose to Patients from Radiopharmaceuticals
Task Group 64
Cancer Risk from Alpha Emitters
Task Group 72
RBE and Reference Animals and Plants
Task Group 76
Application of the Commission's Recommendations to NORM (Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material)
Task Group 79
The Use of Effective Dose as a Risk Related Radiological Protection Quantity
Task Group 89
Occupational Radiological Protection in Brachytherapy
Task Group 90
Age-dependent Dose Conversion Coefficients for External Exposures to Environmental Sources
Task Group 91
Radiation Risk Inference at Low-dose and Low-dose Rate Exposure for Radiological Protection Purposes
Task Group 93
Update of ICRP Publication 109 and 111
Task Group 95
Internal Dose Coefficients
Task Group 96
Computational Phantoms and Radiation Transport
Task Group 97
Application of the Commission's Recommendations for Surface and Near Surface Disposal of Solid Radioactive Waste
Task Group 98
Application of the Commission's Recommendations to Exposures Resulting from Contaminated Sites from Past Industrial, Military and Nuclear Activities
Task Group 99
Reference Animals and Plants (RAPs) Monographs
Task Group 101
Radiological Protection in Therapy with Radiopharmaceuticals
Task Group 102
Detriment Calculation Methodology
Task Group 103
Mesh-type Reference Computational Phantoms (MRCP)
Task Group 104
Integration of Protection of People and of the Environment in the System of Radiological Protection
Task Group 105
Considering the Environment when Applying the System of Radiological Protection
Task Group 106
Application of the Commission's Recommendations to Activities involving Mobile High Activity Sources
Task Group 108
Optimisation of Radiological Protection in Digital Radiography, Fluoroscopy, and CT in Medical Imaging
Task Group 109
Ethics in Radiological Protection for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Task Group 110
Radiological Protection for Occupational and Public Exposure in Veterinary Practice
Task Group 111
Factors Governing the Individual Response of Humans to Ionising Radiation