ICRP Workshop on Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste

The Celecton Fukushima, Fukushima City, Japan
Monday, November 6, 2017

1) Overview of work of ICRP and Task Group 97

Thiagan Pather (ICRP)
Abstract   Presentation

2) Overview of ICRP approach to waste management

Christepher McKenney, Francois Besnus (ICRP)
Abstract   Presentation

3) Overview of strategies for surface disposal and lifetime of disposal facilities

Jean-Paul Minon (ICRP)
Abstract   Presentation

4) Ethics of radioactive waste management: what are our responsibilities protecting today and tomorrow?

Behnam Taebi (ICRP)
Abstract   Presentation

5) Transition out of regulatory control and post-closure institutional control – what can be expected in the long term

Phil Metcalf (ICRP)
Abstract   Presentation

6) Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) – A Canadian perspective

John M. Takala (ICRP)
Abstract   Presentation

7) Japanese regulations for waste management

Norikazu Yamada (Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan)
Abstract   Presentation

8) The NEA initiative on Fukushima Daiichi waste management

Hiroshi Rindo (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency)
Abstract   Presentation

9) Draft guideline of Japan Health Physics Society for waste management in existing exposure situations after a nuclear accident

Daisuke Sugiyama (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan)
Abstract   Presentation