Task Group 98
Application of the Commission's Recommendations to Exposures Resulting from Contaminated Sites from Past Industrial, Military and Nuclear Activities

A Task Group under Committee 4

The mandate of this Task Group is to develop a report that describes and clarifies the application of the Commission’s Recommendations on radiological protection of workers, the public, and environment to exposures resulting from sites contaminated due to past industrial, military and nuclear activities.

The scope of the report will cover the sites contaminated by residual radioactive material arising from past activities that were never subject to regulatory control or that were subject to regulatory control but not in accordance with current Recommendations. It does not address the issues on radiological protection related to contaminated territories following nuclear or radiological accidents, which are in the scope of TG 93.

Aspects to consider are the characterization of the sources, exposure pathways, assessment of dose distribution, categories of exposure (occupational, public), protection of the environment, and the setting of reference levels for the implementation of sustainable protection strategies. Stakeholder involvement in all steps of the process will be considered.

The publication will consider previous Publications related to detailed consideration of existing exposure situations (Pub 82, 111, 126, TG76, TG83), in light of the Commission’s current Recommendations.

Michael Boyd (Chair), USA
Analia Canoba (Member), Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear (ARN), Argentina
Tony Colgan (Corresponding Member), IAEA, Austria
Dale Huffman (Corresponding Member), Orano Canada Inc., Canada
Edward (Ted) Lazo (Corresponding Member), OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), France
Stephen Long (Corresponding Member), Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, Australia
Arthur Rood (Member), K-Spar, USA
Sergey Shinkarev (Member), Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Russian Federation
Graham Smith (Corresponding Member), GMS Abingdon Ltd, UK
Malgorzata Sneve (Member), Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA), Norway
Ludovic Vaillant (Member), CEPN, France
Tamara Yankovich (Corresponding Member), IAEA, Austria
Hiroshi Yasuda (Corresponding Member), Hiroshima University, Japan
Corynne McGuire (Corresponding Member (Mentee)), UK