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Committee 3
Protection in Medicine

Committee 3 is concerned with protection of persons and unborn children when ionising radiation is used for medical diagnosis, therapy, or for biomedical research; also, assessment of the medical consequences of accidental exposures.

Committee 3 in Seoul, October 2016 – From left to right back: Ola Holmberg (IAEA representative), Sandor Demeter, Colin Martin, Katrine Åhlström Riklund, Pierre Scalliet, Keon Kang, Michel Bourguignon and Reinhard Loose. From left to right front: Baorong Yue, Pedro Ortiz-López, Madan Rehani (Secretary), Eliseo Vañó (Chair), Donald Miller (Vice-Chair), Kimberly Applegate, Pek-Lan Khong. Inset: Yoshiharu Yonekura, Lawrence Dauer.

Summaries of Committee 3 Meetings:


Dr Colin Martin 
University of Glasgow, UK
Curriculum Vitae


Professor Madan M. Rehani 
Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital , USA
Curriculum Vitae


Jamila Salem Alsuwaidi 
Professor Kimberly E. Applegate  
University of Kentucky, USA
Curriculum Vitae

Telephone and E-mail (Office)
Lodewijk Van Bladel 
FANC, Belgium
Professor Michel Bourguignon 
French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France
Curriculum Vitae
Marie-Claire Cantone 
University of Milan, Italy
Sandor Demeter 
University of Manitoba, Canada

Telephone and E-mail (Office)
Makoto Hosono 
Kindai University, Japan
Keon Kang 
Seoul National University, Korea
Curriculum Vitae
Professor Reinhard Loose 
Hospital Nuremberg, Germany
Curriculum Vitae
Josep M Martí-Climent 
Yantao Niu 
William Small 
David Sutton 
NHS Tayside / University of Dundee, UK