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Scientific Secretariat

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Scientific Secretariat in Seoul, October 2015 – From left to right: Nguyen Tat Thanh (Intern), Yuto Moriwake (Intern), Nobuyuki Hamada (Assistant Scientific Secretary), Christopher Clement (Scientific Secretary), Lynn Lemaire (Executive Administrator), Chantal Yacoub (Intern). Inset: Toshihiro Higuchi (Historian).

George Kaye served as the first Scientific Secretary when ICRP was created in 1928. Until 1957, the Secretary of the Commission was selected from among the Commission members.  However, in that year the then Secretary Walter Binks had to retire for health reasons.  Bo Lindell (who was not a member of the Commission at the time) was asked to be a "temporary" secretary, then went on to become ICRP Scientific Secretary.

ICRP Scientific Secretary became a full-time paid position in 1962 with the appointment of F. David Sowby.  This significantly increased the efficiency of ICRP operations. Over time the Scientific Secretary was assisted more and more in his duties with administrative support provided in-kind through the various national organisations that hosted the Secretariat. In 2009, ICRP created the second full-time paid position of Executive Assistant to fill this role.

Christopher Clement CHP is the tenth ICRP Scientific Secretary since 1928, serving in this position since December 2008.
+1 (613) 944-1918

As ICRP's Chief Executive, head of the ICRP Scientific Secretariat, and Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of the ICRP, the Scientific Secretary:

  • Oversees the daily operation of ICRP
  • Prepares, organizes, and participates in all Main Commission meetings
  • Is directly involved in aspects of the scientific and policy work of ICRP
  • Represents ICRP at international meetings
  • Speaks on behalf of ICRP at workshops, symposia, etc.
  • Responds to requests for information about the work of ICRP
  • Coordinates the publication of all ICRP reports including working with the authors, final editing of the reports, and various discussions and negotiations with the publisher

Haruyuki Ogino, Ph.D, the third ICRP Assistant Scientific Secretary since 2012, is on loan to the ICRP Scientific Secretariat as a cost free expert from the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry of Japan (CRIEPI) since March 2016.
+1 (613) 943-7510

Duties of the ICRP Assistant Scientific Secretary include acting as Associate Editor of the Annals of the ICRP and assisting the Scientific Secretary as required.

Lynn Lemaire has been the Executive Administrator to the Scientific Secretary since June 2009.
+1 (613) 947-9750

The Executive Administrator assists the Scientific Secretary by taking care of bookkeeping and other administrative and financial functions such as: 

  • administering the finances of ICRP
  • preparing the correspondence from the Scientific Secretariat
  • assisting with planning and preparing the meetings of the Commission
  • maintaining ICRP records


Toshihiro Higuchi, Ph.D, an historian of science at Georgetown University interested in radiolgical protection affairs, works on a volunteer part-time basis as the ICRP Historian. He assists with the organisation of ICRP archives, and is undertaking an oral history project on behalf of ICRP.



Kelsey Cloutier
Development and Communications Manager
Tel : +1 (613) 943-4086

Kelsey joined ICRP in December 2016.  With many years of experience in fundraising, communications, and relationship building, he will align operations with ICRP’s strategic priorities detailed for 2016-2020.

  • Managing the development of charitable contributions and financial resources for ICRP.
  • Internal and external communications of all ICRP related content.
  • Managing and updating the website, social media, and all other public facing platforms.

Julie Reyjal
 joins the Scientific Secretariat in the position of Intern, on loan from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. While with ICRP she can be reached at or +1 (613) 947-1105.


The Scientific Secretariat is located in Ottawa, Canada.

International Commission on Radiological Protection
PO Box 1046, Station B
280 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 5S9
Fax: +1(613) 944-1920

ICRP Scientific Secretaries

Christopher H Clement, Canada

Jack Valentin, Sweden

Hylton Smith, UK

Michael C Thorne, UK

F David Sowby, Canada

Bo Lindell, Sweden

Eric E Smith, UK

Walter Binks, UK

1934, 1937, 1947-1950
Lauriston S Taylor, USA

George W C Kaye, UK

ICRP Assistant Scientific Secretaries

Haruyuki Ogino, Japan

Nobuyuki Hamada, Japan

Michiya Sasaki, Japan