Task Group 36
Radiation Dose to Patients from Radiopharmaceuticals

A Taskgroup under Committee 2 and Committee 3

The objective of the TG is to develop dose coefficients for radiopharmaceuticals administered to patients in diagnostic nuclear medicine.

The main work of the TG is to update Publication 128 (2015) by values calculated using new ICRP adult and paediatric reference voxel phantoms, Publication 107 nuclear decay data and Publication 103 dosimetry methodology as well as to develop biokinetic models for new substances and to identify substances contained in Publication 128 where model improvements are needed. As far as reasonable, a harmonisation of dosimetric and biokinetic models with those developed by TG 95 (IDC) for the ICRP OIR and EIR documents is intended.

For the calculation of dose coefficients for patients, a computer code IDAC 2.0 is being developed. The new dosimetric and biokinetic models will be implemented into this code, and a quality assurance procedure with the BfS code DOSAGE which is also used for QA in the IDC TG will be organised.

Augusto Giussani (Chair), Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), Germany
Sören Mattsson (Honourary Co-Chair), Skåne University Hospital Malmö and Lund University, Sweden
Lennart Johansson (Secretary), Umeå University Hospital, Sweden
Martin Andersson (Member), Lund University, Sweden
Keon Kang (Member), Seoul National University, Korea
Sigrid Leide-Svegborn (Member), Skane University Hospital Malmö, Sweden
Dietmar Nosske (Member), Germany
Wesley E. Bolch (Corresponding Member), University of Florida, USA
Makoto Hosono (Corresponding Member), Kindai University, Japan
Alexandra Kamp (Corresponding Member), Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), Germany
Nina Petoussi-Henss (Corresponding Member), Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany
Juan Camilo Ocampo Ramos (Corresponding Member), Colombia
Katrine Åhlström Riklund (Corresponding Member), Umeå, Sweden
Lars Söderberg (Corresponding Member), Skåne University Hospital, Sweden
Marie Sydoff (Corresponding Member), Skane University Hospital, Lund, Sweden