Task Group 110
Radiological Protection for Occupational and Public Exposure in Veterinary Practice

A Taskgroup under Committee 3 and Committee 4

In recent years veterinary procedures that make use of ionising radiation have increased in numbers and have diversified considerably. Digitalisation of planar X-ray procedures, CT-scanning, interventional radiology applications, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine procedures are all accompanied by greater potential radiation risks than the plain film-screen X-rays we have known in previous decades. The changes in these practices have made radiation protection in veterinary applications of ionizing radiation more challenging.  Provision of the Commission’s recommendations, as they apply to veterinary applications, will therefore be useful for all relevant parties.

The mandate of this Task Group is to advise the Main Commission on occupational and public exposure involved in the applications of ionising radiation in veterinary medicine. As well, this Task Group is to consider the risks resulting from contamination of the environment from the applications of nuclear medicine in veterinary medicine. 

This Task Group will:

Develop a report to be published in the Annals of the ICRP

A slide set summary of the above publication

Information materials for ICRPaedia

The primary purpose of the report is to advice in what way, by applying the principles of justification, optimisation and dose limitations, radiation protection can and should be ensured in veterinary medicine. Target audience include veterinary medicine professionals and their education and training providers, animal owners and handlers, and radiation protection professionals.

Nicole Martinez (Co-Chair), Clemson University, USA
Lodewijk Van Bladel (Co-Chair), FANC, Belgium
Lajos Balogh (Corresponding Member), Hungary
Sarah Dorling (Member), UK
Kathelijne Peremans (Corresponding Member), University Ghent, Belgium
Catherine Roy (Member), ALARA RISK, France
Aste Sovik (Member), Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway