Task Group 107
Advice on Radiological Protection of the Patient in Veterinary Medicine

The mandate of Task Group 107 is to advise the Main Commission on the possibility and desirability of it becoming involved in the protection of the patient with respect to the application of ionizing radiation in diagnostic, interventional, and therapeutic veterinary medicine. This Task Group will:

Engage with veterinary organizations to ascertain the issues relating to radiation exposures of animals, and how best to provide useful advice for improving their protection;

Consider the international setting in which advice is generally provided by any organization to veterinary medicine as a discipline;

Ascertain the extent to which ionizing radiation is used in veterinary medicine in different countries, and in what contexts;

Consider the implications for ICRP, should it become further involved in the subject;

Consider what practical areas within which it would be most useful for ICRP and the veterinary/ radiological profession to pursue with a view to providing advice, if asked;

Consider the broader implications if radiological protection were generally expanded to include the welfare of all living things, not just humans.

This Task Group will prepare a short report with advice to the Main Commission on how ICRP should proceed with respect to the subject of radiological protection of the veterinary patient. The Task Group will also provide a new ToR to implement the recommended path forward.

R Jan Pentreath (Chair), UK
Kimberly E. Applegate (Member), University of Kentucky, USA
Kathryn A Higley (Member), Oregon State University, USA
Masahiro Natsuhori (Member), Japan
Kathelijne Peremans (Member), University Ghent, Belgium
Elissa Randall (Member), USA