Committee 4
Application of the Commission's Recommendations

Committee 4 is concerned with providing advice on the application of the recommended system of protection in all its facets for occupational and public exposure. It also acts as the major point of contact with other international organisations and professional societies concerned with protection against ionising radiation.

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Back Row (L-R): Senlin Liu (China, Main Commission), Sergey Shinkarev (Russia), Nobuhiko Ban (Japan), Mike Boyd (United States), Francois Bochud (Switzerland), David Copplestone (United Kingdom),  John Takala (Canada), Jean-Francois Lecomte (Secretary, France), Thierry Schneider (France), Diego Talleia (IAEA)
Front Row (L-R): Haruyuki Ogino (Asst. Scientific Secretary, Canada), Michiaki Kai (Japan, Main Commission), Catrin Koch (Sweden), Yahong Mao (China), Nicole Martinez (United States), Anna Nisbet (United Kingdom), Donald Cool (Chair, United States), Kathryn Highley Vice Chair, United States), Analia Canoba (Argentina), Gillian Hirth (Australia), Eduardo Gallego (Spain), Toshimitsu Homma (Japan)

Summaries of Committee 4 meetings:

Donald A Cool (Chair), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA
Kathryn A Higley (Vice-Chair), Oregon State University, USA
Jean-Francois Lecomte (Secretary), French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France
Nobuhiko Ban (Member), Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan
François Bochud (Member), IRA CHUV, Switzerland
Michael Boyd (Member), USA
Analia Canoba (Member), Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear (ARN), Argentina
David Copplestone (Member), University of Stirling, UK
Eduardo Gallego (Member), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Gillian Hirth (Member), ARPANSA, Australia
Toshimitsu Homma (Member), Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan
Catrin Koch (Member), OKG NPP, Sweden
Yahong Mao (Member), NNSA, China
Nicole Martinez (Member), Clemson University, USA
Anne Nisbet (Member), Public Health England, UK
Thierry Schneider (Member), CEPN, France
Sergey Shinkarev (Member), Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Russian Federation
John Takala (Member), Cameco Corporation, Canada