Radiological Protection of People and the Environment in the Event of a Large Nuclear Accident

Draft document: Radiological Protection of People and the Environment in the Event of a Large Nuclear Accident
Submitted by Kato Rin, individual/Evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

I lived in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture until April 2011.
The published maximum radiation dose was 24.24μsv / h, 600 times the normal dose.
On the other hand, the maximum radiation dose measured by citizens was 154μsv / h, which is 3800 times higher.
However, we were not ordered to evacuate.
This is because Fukushima city was 60 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima.
Under such circumstances, the lifeline of electricity, gas, and water supply was stopped, so we had to line up in a long line to seek them.
Then I developed diarrhea every evening.
So can I live here as it is?
I asked for information about radioactivity.
Then, I learned that there is a bipolar view of experts who are safe up to 100 millisieverts and experts who do not have safe exposure.
If even professionals have divergent views, we have decided to follow the precautionary principle to protect our health and life and choose to evacuate further away.
I later had symptoms such as blue bruises and tooth wobble.
My daughter gave a nosebleed that couldn't stop.
Not everyone will develop the same symptoms.
However, human sensitivity is different.
So I think it is better to set all the standards to protect our health and life low.
I did the calculation.
Then I received an external exposure of 1.5 mSv in just 11 days.
However, it is a numerical calculation that has been officially announced.
If you calculate with the numbers measured by the citizens, it will be very hard to believe! !
So I have great concerns about the health and life of me and my family.
Because my father and my friend died of myocardial infarction and lung cancer after the nuclear accident in Fukushima, respectively.
What is to be protected is not the national economy, but the lives of each person.
If our health is not secured, the country's economy will decline.
I sincerely hope that you will set standards that will help the vulnerable.