Diagnostic Reference Levels in Medical Imaging

The consultation period ended April 15, 2016

Draft Document


 Name OrganisationDate
ViewJeroen van de Kameron behalf ofThe Netherlands Committee on radiation dosimetry2016-04-28 14:59
ViewSue Edyveanon behalf ofPublic Health England2016-04-22 21:54
ViewShane Foleyon behalf ofEFRS - European Federation of Radiographer Societies2016-04-19 18:11
ViewCarmel J. Caruanaas an individualMedical Physics Department, University of Malta2016-04-19 14:49
ViewProf. Guy Frijaon behalf ofEuroSafe Imaging / European Society of Radiology2016-04-19 14:00
ViewLynne Fairobenton behalf ofAAPM2016-04-17 5:04
ViewKeith J. Strausson behalf ofAlliance for Radiation Safety During Pediatric Imaging (ImageGently)2016-04-16 22:00
ViewJulio Almansa Lpezon behalf ofSpanish Medical Physics Society, Spanish Radiation Protection Society and Integrating the Healthcar2016-04-16 20:47
ViewPeter Mildenberger, MDon behalf ofIHE-Europe2016-04-16 18:42
ViewAnja Almn as an individualSkanes University Hospital 2016-04-16 17:58
ViewDr. Ruby Fongon behalf ofSociety for Radiological Protection (UK) Medical Sector Committee2016-04-16 17:57
ViewLoose, Reinhardon behalf ofEuropean Society of Radiology - ESR2016-04-16 17:44
ViewSarah Allen on behalf ofBritish Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS)2016-04-16 12:08
ViewDietmar Nosskeon behalf ofFederal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) Germany 2016-04-16 10:38
View Tie Tjee, Evert Sanders, Arjen Bechton behalf ofIHE The Netherlands2016-04-15 21:40
ViewDavid Clunieas an individualPixelMed2016-04-15 20:23
ViewProfessor David R Dance & Professor Kenneth C Youngon behalf ofNCCPM2016-04-15 17:36
ViewDr Isabel Castellano MIPEM CScion behalf ofInstitute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine2016-04-15 14:50
ViewHerbert Michalczakon behalf ofFederal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety2016-04-15 9:39
ViewMarie Claire Cantoneon behalf ofInternational Committee of AIRP, Italian Association of Radiation Protection2016-04-15 8:49
ViewAtsuhiro Ooikeon behalf ofJIRA Japan Medical Imaging Radiological Systems Industries Association2016-04-15 7:11
ViewAna Rodaon behalf ofIPOCFG2016-04-14 14:22
ViewPriscilla F. Butler, MSon behalf ofAmerican College of Radiology2016-04-14 3:50
ViewCcile ETARDon behalf ofIRSN2016-04-13 17:40
ViewJenny Diffeyon behalf ofACPSEM2016-04-13 7:03
ViewPaul Markson behalf ofARPANSA2016-04-13 6:59
ViewBANA Remy Wilsonas an individualSociety of Medical Imaging in Rwanda2016-04-10 11:49
ViewJOHN DAMILAKISon behalf ofPiDRL Project2016-04-02 8:17