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 Name OrganisationDate
ViewCelso Osimanion behalf ofA.I.R.P. not I.R.P.A.2008-09-16 9:39
ViewHorst Miskaon behalf ofCivil Protection Commission w. Min. of Int., Berlin2008-09-05 15:00
Viewyeungas an individualeabfu2008-09-04 5:06
ViewKazuo Sakaion behalf ofForeign Affairs Committee, Japan Health Physics Society2008-09-01 14:15
ViewStephanie Bush-Goddardon behalf ofNuclear Regulatory Commission2008-08-12 0:04
ViewC. Osimanion behalf ofI.R.P.A.2008-08-12 16:38
ViewThomas O''Connellas an individualHealth Physics Society Homeland Security Committee First Response subcommittee chair2008-08-09 22:48
ViewJudith Johnsrud, Ph.D.on behalf ofNEW ENGLAND COALITION ON NUCLEAR POLLUTION,et al.2008-08-09 21:37
ViewShinichiro Miyazaki as an individualKansai Electric Power Co.,INC.2008-08-09 12:50
ViewTakatoshi Hattorion behalf ofCRIEPI2008-08-09 2:51
ViewMasami Ikaion behalf ofTokyo Electric Power Company2008-08-08 4:16
ViewDavid Smithon behalf ofUK Ministry of Defence2008-08-07 17:33
ViewMrs Sheila Liddleon behalf ofThe Society for Radiological Protection2008-08-07 14:00
ViewCathy Alexanderon behalf ofFood Standards Agency UK2008-08-06 16:40
ViewMary L. Birchas an individualMBirch Consulting, LLC2008-08-05 1:14
ViewCari Borrasas an individualIOMP2008-08-04 23:10
ViewHorst Miskaas an individualCivil Protection Commission w. Min. of Int, Berlin2008-07-29 15:01
ViewPEDRO CARBONERASas an individualCOMMITTEE 42008-07-17 10:15
ViewMarcel LIPSon behalf ofGoesgen Nuclear Power Plant2008-07-16 16:20
ViewDavid Myersas an individualMember of NCRP but replying as an individual2008-06-23 2:05
ViewBrian Ahieron behalf ofOECD Nuclear Energy Agency - CRPPH/EGIR2008-06-04 12:58
ViewBrian Ahieron behalf ofOECD Nuclear Energy Agency - CRPPH/EGIR2008-06-04 12:57
ViewBrian Ahieron behalf ofOECD Nuclear Energy Agency - CRPPH/EGIR2008-06-03 15:00
ViewHiromitsu Kobayashion behalf ofToudenkogyo co,LTD2008-06-03 4:17
ViewStame Georgeas an individualRoyal north Shore Hospital of Sydney2008-05-29 3:24