Radiological protection in medicine

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 Name OrganisationDate
ViewAlexander Lebedevon behalf ofRussian Scientific Centre of X-ray Radiology2007-04-09 17:01
ViewCatherine Tarcsonas an individualCuyahoga Community College2007-04-08 15:15
ViewKeiji ODAon behalf ofCommittee for International Correspondence, Japan Health Physics Society (JHPS)2007-04-07 11:26
ViewToru Fujitaon behalf ofJSRT - Japanese Society of Radiological Technology2007-04-07 8:39
ViewCindy Flanneryon behalf ofU.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission2007-04-06 21:48
ViewC Osimanion behalf ofAIRP2007-04-05 16:58
ViewBarry Wallon behalf ofRadiation Protection Division, Health Protection Agency,2007-04-05 12:48
ViewMaurice Phillipson behalf ofUnited Kingdom Ministry of Defence2007-03-30 13:16
ViewMichael Gantchewas an individualNational Oncological Centre2007-03-27 10:46
ViewProf. Dr. Elena Khandoginaon behalf ofNuclear Safety Institute RAS2007-03-24 8:52
ViewCari Borrasas an individualIOMP2007-03-22 17:30
ViewWerner Zelleron behalf ofBAG - Swiss Federal Office of Public Health2007-03-08 19:36
ViewIan Beltonas an individualRegional Medical Physics Department2007-03-03 16:00
ViewKarin Westdykas an individualmothersalert.org2007-02-23 2:31
ViewDr Richard Smartas an individualSt George Hospital2007-02-06 0:37
ViewTimothy Donakowskion behalf ofMinnesota Department of Health2007-02-06 16:08
ViewPaolo Scampaon behalf ofAIPRI2007-01-26 18:05
ViewMaurice Eugne Andron behalf ofAIPRI2007-01-25 10:59
ViewUwe Zelleras an individualKaVo Dental GmbH2007-01-23 9:56